Robotic T. Rex by Silver Dolphin Books

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Robotic T. Rex by Silver Dolphin Books

We are happy to present the famous Robotic T. Rex.

With so many available recently, it is great to have a name you can trust. The Robotic T. Rex is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition.

For this reduced price, the Robotic T. Rex comes highly recommended and is always a popular choice amongst most people. Silver Dolphin Books have included some excellent touches and this means great value.

Manufacturer Description

What do dinosaurs and robots have in common? You might not believe it, but it’s a lot! Find out inside, when you go from biology to technology as you explore the worlds of dinosaurs and robots. Real robots have been around for less than a century and have been used for a variety of purposes. Some dinosaur robots are at the cutting edge of robot research. For years, experimental “dinobots” have been helping scientists and engineers test out different ways of walking. This robot has two legs for walking and a tail to keep it balanced--just like the real T. rex. Robotic T. Rex is sure to inspire young scientists everywhere.