Practical Electronics for Inventors 2/E from McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

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Practical Electronics for Inventors 2/E from McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

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This intuitive, applications-driven guide to electronics for hobbyists, engineers, and students doesn't overload readers with technical detail. Instead, it tells you-and shows you-what basic and advanced electronics parts and components do, and how they work. Chock-full of illustrations, Practical Electronics for Inventors offers over 750 hand-drawn images that provide clear, detailed instructions that can help turn theoretical ideas into real-life inventions and gadgets.


Covering the entire field of electronics, from basics through analog and digital, AC and DC, integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductors, stepper motors and servos, LCD displays, and various input/output devices, this guide even includes a full chapter on the latest microcontrollers. A favorite memory-jogger for working electronics engineers, Practical Electronics for Inventors is also the ideal manual for those just getting started in circuit design. If you want to succeed in turning your ideas into workable electronic gadgets and inventions, is THE book. Starting with a light review of electronics history, physics, and math, the book provides an easy-to-understand overview of all major electronic elements, including: Basic passive components o Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers o Discrete passive circuits o Current-limiting networks, voltage dividers, filter circuits, attenuators o Discrete active devices o Diodes, transistors, thrysistors o Microcontrollers o Rectifiers, amplifiers, modulators, mixers, voltage regulators


This revised, improved, and completely updated second edition reflects suggestions offered by the loyal hobbyists and inventors who made the first edition a bestseller. Reader-suggested improvements in this guide include:
  • Thoroughly expanded and improved theory chapter
  • New sections covering test equipment, optoelectronics, microcontroller circuits, and more
  • New and revised drawings
  • Answered problems throughout the book

Practical Electronics for Inventors takes you through reading schematics, building and testing prototypes, purchasing electronic components, and safe work practices. You'll find all thisin a guide that's destined to get your creative-and inventive-juices flowing.