Electronics and Circuit Design Made Easy by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Electronics and Circuit Design Made Easy by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Manufacturer Description

DESCRIPTION OF BOOK This is an important professional book which has been carefully prepared by the author for many years. Electronics is an exact science of real practical importance. Whether we appreciate it or not, our lives are practically dominated by electronics, e.g., TVs, computers, smart-phones, et al.. Applying electronic theories, e.g., designing electronic circuits, would bring actual, practical results which could be tested or gauged by instruments. This book has been painstakingly prepared for readers who suffer from a phobia of technologies which tend to be difficult to grasp. This book is apparently the only one of its kind now which conveys important, useful electronics knowledge and circuit design techniques in a very simple, jargon-free, easily comprehended manner. In the book the author also shares some of his experiences in electronics by offering practical tips on circuit design. ABOUT THE AUTHOR The author has published about 20 books, two of which have been adopted as reference texts and commended by professional bodies. He was also the editor of a book of essays. He has many years of experience in electronics. He has taught many professional, management and technical subjects for years. He has published a number of important papers, including several papers on the solutions to some famous, long unsolved problems, in international research journals and has served on the faculty of an American research university as a professor. He has received publicity from the press for some intellectual achievement.