Circuit Analysis For Dummies by For Dummies

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Circuit Analysis For Dummies by For Dummies

We are delighted to present the fantastic Circuit Analysis For Dummies.

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Manufacturer Description

Circuits overloaded from electric circuit analysis?

Many universities require that students pursuing a degree in electrical or computer engineering take an Electric Circuit Analysis course to determine who will "make the cut" and continue in the degree program. Circuit Analysis For Dummies will help these students to better understand electric circuit analysis by presenting the information in an effective and straightforward manner.

Circuit Analysis For Dummies gives you clear-cut information about the topics covered in an electric circuit analysis courses to help further your understanding of the subject. By covering topics such as resistive circuits, Kirchhoff's laws, equivalent sub-circuits, and energy storage, this book distinguishes itself as the perfect aid for any student taking a circuit analysis course.

  • Tracks to a typical electric circuit analysis course
  • Serves as an excellent supplement to your circuit analysis text
  • Helps you score high on exam day

Whether you're pursuing a degree in electrical or computer engineering or are simply interested in circuit analysis, you can enhance you knowledge of the subject with Circuit Analysis For Dummies.